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In the open marketplace of visuals where the most valued photographs “rise to the top” via tweets, likes, and retweets rather than being dictated by professionals, the study of what makes an image go really social is merited. One occurrence during which professional photojournalism and nonprofessional photography truly coexist, intermingle, and blur is that of […]

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This study explores the true crime podcast audience within the uses and gratifications theoretical frame. Using an online survey (n = 308), this study found that the true crime podcast audience is predominantly female (73%), and five motivations were prominent for users: entertainment, convenience, boredom, voyeurism, and relaxation. All significant motivating factors were found to […]

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This study examines true crime podcast production with a critical/cultural lens to explore how podcasts are impacting this genre, public opinion, and the criminal justice system. Discussing advocacy and objectivity through four in-depth qualitative interviews with true crime podcast producers offers insight into both the political economy of podcasts and effective audience engagement. Ultimately, this […]

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