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08 Oct 2020

Pandemic Podcasting

I launched this podcast with Dr. Carol Pardun at the University of South Carolina just a few weeks after the university shut down due to COVID-19 in the Spring of 2020. Our goal was to stay connected with colleagues, normalize our experience, and try to laugh at the crazy world we found ourselves in. Initially, we expected to produce about 6 episodes (lasting until the end of the spring semester), however, we enjoyed speaking to other academics and we found that they also enjoyed laughing about the situation and catching up with colleagues, so we chose to continue the podcast weekly throughout the pandemic. This isn’t necessarily an example of stellar audio production (we’ve learned a lot along the way), but it is an example of commradery within the academy and choosing joy in the midst of a global pandemic. In other words, it’s fun, but not necessarily “academic.”

Click here to listen to the podcast on iTunes.

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