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12 Feb 2017


As a photographer I maintained a blog that I would update between 50 – 100 times per year (the photos on this page are from a summer Instagram blog post). In addition to academic writing, I enjoy writing short stories and anecdotes in a conversational and friendly tone. Below are excerpts from a blog post and an academic paper on curiosity in the classroom:

Academic paper excerpt on curiosity in the classroom:

The truth is, I didn’t even know the cat existed. But suddenly, and with total abandon, he appeared. Literally, right in my face. Killing him was unintentional, even though I’m a self-proclaimed “dog person,” but it was necessary. There was only room for one of us on that boat and it had to be me. I had been planning this escape for months and a random feline couldn’t be allowed to interfere.

Right now you’re probably wondering one of three things: (1) did a cat really die, (2) why does the writer need to escape, or (3) this paper seems to be missing the pedagogical backbone I was expecting. You may have also immediately pictured a cat that you know and love (or hate), or imagined a situation that might require escape. No matter which direction your mind went, it was fueled by curiosity.

Blog excerpt from a post about my favorite podcasts:

If someone had told me in 2000 that in 2015 my favorite shows would be on PBS and NPR I would’ve laughed in their face. But life is a crazy ride and sometimes you find yourself falling hard for things you never thought possible.  For example, later today I will sit down with my ipad and log into a website that allows me not only to see American public broadcasting, but also British ITV so that I can stream public broadcasting from across the pond.  I’m also saving some of my favorite podcasts to listen to while on a drive to Greenville later this week and I’m so excited about that drive I could just bust.  I believe that NPR and PBS have gotten cooler as I’ve gotten older, because obviously I can’t possibly be any less hip. Obviously.

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