Asst. Professor Advertising & PR
12 Feb 2017


Photography was a passion-turned-profession for me. As a marketing manager, I often needed photos for advertising campaigns and publications. Naturally, the I was asked to either be the photographer or find the photo using as little money as possible. I found myself getting just as excited about that portion of the job as I was about tracking the campaign results, so I bought my first DSLR. Most of my personal photography is of destinations where we’ve traveled, and most of my professional photography work is of corporate events and weddings.

Corporate Events
As a corporate event photographer I always loved it when the meeting planners would ask for detail shots. The food, the food! Caterers are artists and I loved capturing their stunning edible displays.

Apart from the physical demands, I always said that being a wedding photographer was the easiest job I’d ever had because smiles come naturally on a wedding day. Interactions aren’t staged, emotions are real, and love is tangible. Capturing a wedding was a responsibility I took very seriously, and I’m still honored that my clients entrusted me with such important memories.

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