Asst. Professor Advertising & PR
08 Oct 2020

SuperCaliFragilistic Awesome Disney Podcast (SCFADP)

My husband and I are avid Disney fans. We find it to be a wonderful place where we can stop “adulting” for at least a week each year. We launched this podcast in the summer of 2020 to share our love of Disney with others. The podcast also has a YouTube channel, merchandise store, and website. I have learned a lot about podcast production, web design, YouTube, and video production using Adobe Premier Pro since the launch of this podcast. While this isn’t an “academic” example, it’s a great example of me when I’m off-campus as well as my skills in audio and video production.

Click here to visit YouTube page.

Click here to visit SCFADP website.

Click here to listen to SCFADP on iTunes.

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